Turning Diversity into Strength

Swiss Golden Capital AG draws on the complementing skills of two cultures, united in a management team with extensive knowledge and industry expertise.



Xu Mingjun

Chairman & Managing Partner

Mr. Xu Mingjun, founder and Chairman of China's renowned Mingjun Group, is an outstanding Chinese entrepreneur. He holds a lot of titles, including national young entrepreneur, provincial young entrepreneur, municipal young entrepreneur, top 10 outstanding youths, philanthropist, president of the chamber of commerce. He has 30 years of working experience.


Mingjun Group (Mingjun) has developed from an agricultural machinery manufacturer into an international innovative business group, established joint ventures and cooperative relations, and reorganized with a number of large-sized central enterprises. He has rich experience in international enterprise investment and M&A, covering fields including real estate, mining right and financial assets. Among these investment and M&A cases are successful cases of merging or acquiring A-share and H-share listed companies. He also succeeds in industry, real estate, mining, finance, capital, investment and M&A, is skilled in talent use and business management, and has rich experience in corporate strategic development and planning.


With the business philosophy of business development and result sharing, Mr. Xu Mingjun has led Mingjun Group in gradually developing from a heavy industry plant into an international enterprise integrating diverse industries including resources, finance and capital. After reviewing the group's first five-year strategic plan (2012-2016) and results, he fixed five core industries (automobile, real estate, mining, finance, capital) in the second five-year strategic plan (2017-2021), and planned a sustainable industrial structure. According to the plan, Mingjun Group will develop the capital market and its existing mining rights in Hong Kong and Africa.


Mingjun Group should integrate its advantage and attract a multitude of high-net-worth customers in Asia, forge partnerships with successful bankers, establish a financial investment company in Europe on the basis of mutual trust, and invest in, merge and acquire European countries, thus achieving the goal of developing finance and the capital market in Europe.



Zhang Feiyang

Zhang Feiyang

Director & Managing Partner

Ms. Zhang Feiyang, accountant and senior financial analyst, graduated from the Department of Accounting, Southwestern University of Finance and Economics (SWUFE), and holds a Master degree from the School of Business Administration, SWUFE. She currently works as an executive director in a Listed company in Hongkong (Company code: 01172.


She has more than 11 years' experience in listed company and Bank’s middle office and back office and has a strong capacity of management. She is familiar with A-share and H-share listed companies, bank product structure design, internet finance, risk control, Investment Banks, group control, etc. and she made achievements in above area. 


Her team won three awards and titles: "Best Potential Award", "Top 10 Bank Financial Planners" and "Third Place Team"; "; and she won titles including "Outstanding General Manager", "Outstanding Professional" and "Outstanding Financial Personnel".




Serge Janowski

Serge Janowski

Director & Managing Partner
Master’s degree in Finance with more than 27 years of experience in private and investment banking focusing on managing client advisors. Professional experience includes executive committee-level, business management, risk management and project management responsibilities.


Former Head of Institutional business & UHNWI for Asia and Middle-East Julius Baer (Hong Kong); CEO Private Banking North Asia BNP Paribas (Hong Kong); CEO Private Banking North Asia Credit Agricole (Hong Kong); CEO Middle East BNP Paribas (Dubai); Global Head Risk Management BNP Paribas (Paris). Additional international experience: Middle-East, China, Canada, Caribbean, Mauritius, French Guyana, and Singapore.